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General provisions

Translenta Translation Company conducts fair business and is governed by ethical principles from the first contact with a customer to completion of cooperation.

We are fully aware that all customers have right to privacy, therefore, we guarantee that any information obtained from you will never be disclosed to third parties and be only used for delivery of translation services.

We guarantee confidentiality for individuals and legal entities in accordance with the applicable laws.

Confidentiality of information for individuals

Any information provided for translation, including names, addresses, dates, contact details, passport details, types and contents of documents subject to translation shall be used exclusively for translation purposes.

Confidentiality of information for legal entities

Confidentiality of business information is a topical issue nowadays. Lots of our corporate clients are well aware of it and take all measures possible to protect themselves from information leakages. We also try to give you confidence that your information is safe with us. Therefore, among possible options of our non-disclosure policy we may offer you to enter into a confidentiality contract, delete all the related materials after completion of translation, avoid forwarding documents via e-mail, etc. Our first and most important task is not to disclose your information containing production, financial, bank, trade, business secret.

Our confidentiality guarantee applies to all translation jobs and requests. We would like you to feel safe and satisfied with both our translation services and highly professional approach to handling your personal and proprietary information.

Please, feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or need further information.